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PyKDE packages

I would like to run Lsongs from Linspire on Fedora Core 3.  This
should be straightforward since it is written python and depends only
on PyQt and PyKDE to build.  However, it seems that there are problems
with PyKDE in Fedora Core 3.  I cannot seem to get it to build, as the
`make' target leads to various compile errors with SIP.  PyKDE rpm is
available for both RHEL3 and RHEL4, so there is no reason it shouldn't
work on FC3.  I believe part of the problem is that the sip library is
at version 4.1, which has known issues and an upgrade to 4.1.1 could
perhaps solve the problem.

Has anyone had experience trying to build PyKDE for fedora core 3? 
Would anyone else like to try?  I am a bit stuck at this point.

As to why I want to run Lsongs, there are several reasons.  First, if
it is open source, we might as well download it and give it a try. 
After all, it is free.  Additionally, I have used it and I actually
enjoy working with it.  The integration with mp3tunes.com is also a
big plus.  Another tool in my toolbox.

Dan Allen

Open Source Advocacy

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