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RE: yum -update


apparently 'yum update' does try to do an update of the rpms/packages that
it determines need to be updated, based upon the yum.conf files... i'm still
not sure how good a job it does in this area...

my question was if yum looked through it's list, would it actually clean up
any discrepancies that it found? upgradiing to FC3 fro the FC3 iso cds has
got me in this situation...


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bruce wrote:

> i did an 'rpm -V -a" and saw that a lot of rpms/apps have problems.. if i
> do a 'yum update', will yum essentially take care of all the underlying
> rpm packages?

I'm no yum expert, but I would have thought "yum update"
would just look at the packages listed in /var/log/rpmpkgs ,
but would not check if these packages were actually present.
So I don't see that this would help you in your predicament.
But I'd be glad to be contradicted.

If I had been in your position,
I would have tried upgrading to Fedora-3.
I imagine virtually all the packages would have been updated.

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