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Re: network stalls on Fedora Core 3

Tom Trebisky wrote:
On Fri, Apr 22, 2005 at 02:58:04PM -0700, Keith Fetterman wrote:

Shawn Iverson wrote:

I have similar problems over a Linksys (BEFSR11) router.

Using Ethereal, I discovered a problem where I think the FC3 system is not recovering from receiving a bad TCP packet. When the FC3 system receives a bad TCP packet, it sends s response to the remote server requesting it to resend the packet. The remote server does, but then the FC3 system sends the request again for the same packet. It does this several times and then gives up. I don't think the FC3 OS is processing the resent packet properly so it retries several before eventually giving up on with the download. The lower level OS return doesn't fail, it just stops responding, which is why from scp level it looks like a stall.

My symptoms as you describe them are exactly what I see happening in
Ethereal, although you are going over a T1 while I am going over a cable
modem.  However, it is not the cable modem or its connection that is at
fault.  Something is astray between the Linksys router and FC3, and it
isn't the cabling

I thought I would followup post since I have been having a similar problem
on my home system, and MAYBE have a clue for a solution.

I never see problems like this on my work system, which is on a 100 Mbit
LAN at the university.

My home system has an intel etherpro 100 NIC, and connects through some
dogmeat ethernet switch to a Cisco 678 DSL router.  These are the details,
though I don't think any are particularly relevant.

Last night I added the following entry to my /etc/sysconfig/network


So now the file looks like so:


This was right after experiencing a stall using scp to copy a big
file to my home system.  After this, I did "service network restart"
and repeated the copy with no problem.  Also after this I did a
big "yum update" which buzzed along without a hitch, (in fact I
just went to bed and let it finish).

I don't know WHY turning off ipv6 is relevant, and am spending
some time now trying to research this by reading back through my
archive of this list (and so found your posts), but it was advised
on this list and my initial experiences indicate it really does


I will check because you might have hit it. One difference between FC3, which is the 2.6 kernel, and my RHE3 systems, which is the RH modified 2.4 kernel, might be the IPv6 settings. In the RHE3 they may be different or turned off by default, where as they may be turned on by default in FC3. I will check and retest.

I can copy multi-GB files between my FC3 system and another RHE3 system between the same linksys switch that is connected to the Cisco router and I don't have any problems.


turn the trick.


Keith Fetterman                          206-780-5670
Mariner Supply, Inc.                     kfetterman go2marine com

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