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Re: How do I get sound to work in FC3?

--- kevin kempter dataintellect com wrote:
> I just installed FC3 on a box that was pre-loaded
> with Linspire. I checked out 
> Linspire out of curiosity and the sound worked fine.
> Then I wiped the box and 
> installed FC3 because running as root all the time
> via Linspire is simply not 
> an option. Most everything went well but I have no
> sound. 
> I'm not sure even how to start debugging sound
> issues
> Any help/tips?

Fire up a terminal, (System Tools -> Terminal) become
superuser and type alsamixer.  Then hit the up arrow
to the max press tab and do it to all of tbe tabs,
ie., microphone, mixer, pcm, pcm2, video, etc..,. 
press esc to exit alsma mixer after you raised all the
tabs that allowed you to raise them.  Once you are out
try to (System Settings -> Soundcard Detection) you
should be able to hear sound (unless your card is one
of those dreaded cases).  If this works(you can hear
sound), Go to Kmix if you are in KDE or Volume Control
in Gnome and adjust the settings to your own taste.



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