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RE: udev/kernel conflicts...


i already charged!!

here's an overview of what's happened with this system.. it started as a
happy FC2 box. i screwed up and did a 'rm -rf /*r' and blew some thins
away.. i was never able to get back up/running and thought about doing a
reinstall of FC2, hoping that it would get me back to where i was.

i was unable to download FC2, and couldn't find the torrents for it. so i
decided to bite the bullet, and go ahead and get to FC3. i did an upgrade
using the FC3 iso cds, and got server back up...

doing an 'rpm -Va' gave me a serious list of rpms that were broke, which is
what i expected... in doing a 'yum update' (after making sure the yum/conf
pointed to FC3 repos) i got an err/msg about a udev conflict with kernel...

this is when i checked and started to think that maybe i have some sort of
kernel issue. and when i decided to post!!

i've gone ahead and installed the latest FC3 kernel/updates from the
fedora/redhat download site, and i'm now doing the 'yum update'...


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From: Kam Leo [mailto:kam leo gmail com]
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On 4/23/05, bruce <bedouglas earthlink net> wrote:
> hi...
> i'm trying to do a 'yum update' on a FC3 system. i have 'uname -r' a linux
> kernel of 2.6.10-1.770-FC2. this doesn't look right... shouldn't it be
> this looks as though i should get the correct fedora FC3 kernel from
> fedora.redhat, iinstall it and then install the kernel updates?
> so i'd 'rpm -ivh --force --nodeps kernel.rpm'
>     and then rpm -Uvh kernelupdate.rpm'
> is this right?
> -bruce

Before you charge ahead let's see how your system is configured. Do a
"rpm -q kernel" and a "cat /etc/grub.conf".  Paste the aboove results
in your reply.

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