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Re: My DNS IP Addresses

On Sat, Apr 23, 2005 at 03:51:32 -0400,
  "William M. Quarles" <quarlewm jmu edu> wrote:
> 1.  Does somebody know how I find my primary and secondary DNS IP 
> address?  I found a site that said to use whois domain.name but that 
> didn't give me the expected output. (Then again I put in an IP address 
> instead of a domain name.  I don't know what my domain name is.)

Are you trying to find dns caches provided by your ISP? If so you
should check out their support. Often that information is provided
as part of dhcp handshake. It may also be an FAQ.

> 2.  Speaking of which, is there a way that I can directly query a DNS 
> for IP address of a domain and vice versa?

dig, nslookup, dnsqr and dnsq (the latter two don't come with FC) allow
you to do this. The problem is that you need to know who to ask.
Normally your ISP will supply a pair of recursive resolver and cache
servers to answer these questions for you.

It is possible to run your own cache and resolver instead. It works by
having a list of the root dns servers and will start there to get answers
to questions for which it doesn't have the answers.

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