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Re: network stalls on Fedora Core 3

On Sat, Apr 23, 2005 at 11:49:04AM -0700, Keith Fetterman wrote:
> Since this problem isn't a FC3 specific problem (I also discovered the 
> same problem in the latest Ubuntu Linux), does anyone know the best 
> mailing list/forum to that discusses kernel 2.6 and ethernet driver 
> issues?  Maybe this problem has already been identified and workarounds 
> suggested.
> I do know that this problem is not limited to a specific ethernet card. 
>  I have the same problem with both an OEM 3com ethernet card and an 
> Intel ethernet card. I guess its possible they are the same chip inside 
> so they are using the same driver, but I though Intel made their own 
> network chips.

I suspect the problem is well above the network driver level.  This is
a fundamental TCP/IP stack problem, almost certainly a botch in the TCP
code involving a retransmit timer or some such.

Actually, come to think of it I experience this issue exclusively
with ssh connections (which is the bulk of what I do from home),
which is definitely TCP.

Indeed intel has their own network chips and the 3Com has their own
silicon as well; and the drivers are totally different.
This is not a chip or driver problem.

If the kernel developers would just stop reinventing the wheel, ...
 ...  (oops, I didn't say that).

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