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Problems with time on x86_64

Folks -

I'm having problem with time on my machine. I got an emachines T6212 and
I am running the x86_64 version of FC3. The system time runs very fast,
almost twice as fast as my watch. In just a day, my computer thinks that
it is tomorrow. I can work around this by disabling the APIC, using a
BIOS setting. This problem was reported earlier by somebody else, and is
in bugzilla as #152170.

So why do I still need help?

After I disable the APIC, my network transfers go very slow (around 40
kbytes/second on my local network). If I ping out of my machine or ping
to it from another machine, every other ping takes around 800 msec, then
I get a 1 msec ping, then 800, then 1, etc, etc. If I watch the little
lights flash on my network switch while doing a big transfer, it looks
like there is a delay of close to a second between flashes.

So, what the heck is going on here? Why do I need to have the APIC
interrupts to get decent network performance? Is there something I can
set to slow down the darn clock and solve all my problems at once?


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