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Re: How do I get sound to work in FC3? (Creative Live-24 card)

On Saturday 23 April 2005 11:42, Antonio Olivares wrote:
> --- kevin kempter dataintellect com wrote:
> > I just installed FC3 on a box that was pre-loaded
> > with Linspire. I checked out
> > Linspire out of curiosity and the sound worked fine.
> > Then I wiped the box and
> > installed FC3 because running as root all the time
> > via Linspire is simply not
> > an option. Most everything went well but I have no
> > sound.
> >
> > I'm not sure even how to start debugging sound
> > issues
> >
> > Any help/tips?
> Fire up a terminal, (System Tools -> Terminal) become
> superuser and type alsamixer.  Then hit the up arrow
> to the max press tab and do it to all of tbe tabs,
> ie., microphone, mixer, pcm, pcm2, video, etc..,.
> press esc to exit alsma mixer after you raised all the
> tabs that allowed you to raise them.  Once you are out
> try to (System Settings -> Soundcard Detection) you
> should be able to hear sound (unless your card is one
> of those dreaded cases).  If this works(you can hear
> sound), Go to Kmix if you are in KDE or Volume Control
> in Gnome and adjust the settings to your own taste.
> Regards,
> Antonio
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I tried this with no luck.  I went out and bought a Creative Soundblaster 
Live-24 card.  

I've installed the new card and the hardware browser 
(Kmenu-->System Tools-->Hardware browser) sees the card 
as "Creative Labs SB Audigy LS" and lists the driver as "snd-ca0106"

I've turned up all the controls in alsamixer and still no sound.

Please Help! This machine is for potential investors to evaluate Linux for a 
startup company. I'm completely open to purchasing a new sound card if 
someone can recommend a card that definitely works with FC3.

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