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Re: i just did a rm -rf /*r as root!!!

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005, THUFIR HAWAT wrote:

On 4/23/05, Robert Nichols <rnichols42 comcast net> wrote:
bruce wrote:
I fear that any attempt at undeletion is doomed to failure.  On an
ext3 file system, metadata is zeroed when a file is deleted, so
even if you find the deleted inodes, the lists of block numbers
won't be there any longer.  Yes, I just verified that on an ext3 file
system.  Successful undeletion is possible with ext2, but not with

ext3 is "better" than ext2, I assume, because 3>2 ;)
Why, then, does ext2 have a feature ext3 lacks?

some people myself included don't see being able to recover deleted data as a feature. When something is gone, it should be gone.



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