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Re: no www after yum update

--- Robert Slade <fedora bathnetworks com> wrote:
> It looks to me like your machine is not picking up
> the DNS entires from
> the DHCP on your router. Try running system settings
> -> network and see
> if the ethernet card is set to obtain address from
> DHCP or you have a
> static address set. If static address you will need
> to add the DNS IP's
> under DNS entries. 

yes, all computers on my network obtain ip address
from DHCP.  can you think of any reason why a computer
obtaining it's ip address thru dhcp wouldn't also pick
up the dns server ip addresses?  i'm going to now
change that.  trying to use static ip address etc.

> Note: you will have to enter the DNS(s) by hand if
> you use static
> addresses, the automatic setting only works with
> DHCP enabled.

(i've already entered dns(s) by hand and it *was*
working until i ran NetworkManager which obliterated
my /etc/resolv.conf file.  then even after i
re-entered the dns(s) by hand i couldn't get it to
work again.)

thanks again for all the help on this list!

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