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Re: How do I get sound to work in FC3? (Creative Live-24 card)

kevin kempter dataintellect com wrote:

> I've installed the new card and the hardware browser
> (Kmenu-->System Tools-->Hardware browser) sees the card
> as "Creative Labs SB Audigy LS" and lists the driver as "snd-ca0106"

I can't help you, but am interested in your method.
I don't have a Kmenu=>System Tools=>Hardware Browser item.
What package does this come with?

> Please Help! This machine is for potential investors to evaluate Linux for
> a startup company. I'm completely open to purchasing a new sound card if
> someone can recommend a card that definitely works with FC3.

I've always found the sound tools in RedHat/Fedora completely useless.
In particular, system-config-soundcard 
or System Settings=>Soundcard Detection 
have never been the slightest use to me.
If sound is working, they tell me it is working.
If it is not working, they tell me it is not working.

The only method I've found to work
is to compile a kernel with the appropriate driver module,
and make sure it is running with modprobe.

Timothy Murphy  
e-mail (<80k only): tim /at/ birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
tel: +353-86-2336090, +353-1-2842366
s-mail: School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland

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