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general rules for partitioning

Everything I've read that talks about partitioning the hard drive when doing new installs suggests setting up a separate partition for /home.

As newbies, people will often choose "partition automaically" when setting up Fedora .... so why not have the "automatic" choice make some "good, standard operating procedure" choices and do that?

Unless otherwise told:
- a small boot partition
- a partition large enough for the entire system as shipped + % "expansion"
- a partition for /home and /var and ?

I'm not sure where all user preferences etc are kept, but it'd be nice if an upgrade from one release of FC to the next could include a "reformat system partition(s)" so the base install could be "clean", but without loosing user data, preferences and third-party packages.

What do others think? Is this something I should RFE in bugzilla (Which component is it?)? Or am I the only one that sees things this way?


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