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Re: I can't trust evolution with my emails (at the moment)

I've just noticed _again_ that emails I've written to this list have
never turned up after about 12hrs. So, again something is wrong with
something in evolution, or it's allowed me to do something in the
settings without making me aware of the consequences.

This happens to me all the time. My postings take 2-3 days to appear, and I use either Thunderbird or (on Windows) Outlook.
In addition most "original" posts don't seem to appear in digests that I receive. I just figured there is some kind of filtering going on the list based on username or email source....because I don't always send from the client I signed up with.

There is no apparent pattern to when this happens. To make things worse
emails which have been sent do not appear in my 'Sent' directory - so I
really have no idea which emails people have received from me and which
ones have melted into the ether.

This _does_ sound like an Evolution problem.

Anyone want to help me sort this out?

Would like to, but I couldn't even get Evolution to receive email when I installed FC3, which is why I went to Thunderbird. Did you find anything useful in the archives? I know that several "mystery" problems with Evolution were discussed in the past.

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