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Re: network stalls on Fedora Core 3

On Sat, Apr 23, 2005 at 11:04:02PM -0700, Keith Fetterman wrote:
> Tom,
> The problem isn't limited to ssh or scp.  I also tested large files 
> using FTP and the problem existed there too in the data channel.  Before 
> I detected the problem with ssh, I had been experiencing problems with 
> updating my system (both FC2 and FC3) using up2date.  It would 
> periodically hang.  I had to continually cancel the up2date process and 
> restart it to get uddates downloaded.  I had thought the problem was due 
> to slow FC3 mirrors. Now, I realize that this problem was due to the 
> network stalls.

Yep, I am sure it is due to some TCP issue and it seems to mainly affect
slow links (like my DSL or your cable modem).  I never see it at work
with fast ethernet.

> I am surprised no one else is experiencing this problem.  The computer 
> that is experiencing the problem is a stock Dell T700r (I think that is 
> the right model number) that we bought back in 2000.  It isn't new but 
> it isn't really old either.

It just shut down my prior attemtp to respond to this email.
I hate that!  I suspect lots of people are seeing this but dismissing
it to ISP problems or flakey mirrors and such.

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