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RE: Terminal

my god.. i'm old..

or better yet... just what is taught in the eng/comp sci schools these days?
the term vt100/vt102 refer to terminal devices (monitors) that were sold by

these were essentially dumb devices with a keyboard attached. no mouse.

but my question to the initial poster. why didn't you simply do a google
search (or whatever search engine you use). all the information you could
have wanted would have been there. i'm not slamming you, just curious?


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On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 01:58:17PM +0100, Shahzad Chohan wrote:
> Hi
> I'm a little confused, could someone please help me explain what is a
> terminal, what is it for and why do we need it. Why are there
> different types of terminals? Also where does the term vt100 or vt102
> fit in to this?
> Thanks for your help
> Shahzad
> --
Well this is a toughy since terminal can mean different things.
Basically it is a area on the screen (or it may be the whole screen)
that allows the user to type in commands. SO..
1. The Xterm, or gnome terminal on a gnome screen is a terminal.
2. If you go into init level 3 the whole screen will be your terminal.
3. If you are in gnome or KDE and hit ctl-alt-Fx where x = 1-> 4 the
whole screen will become a terminal.
Now once upon a time before X there were hardware devices that were
terminals (they still exist somewhere out there). Thes devices made by
DEC (Digital Equipment Corp.) were called vt100 and vt102 and other
things. So vt100, for example, represents a hardware terminal or a
terminal program that responds to vt100 control codes.

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