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Re: Sendmail not sending WAS email app i can use

Am Mo, den 25.04.2005 schrieb jim lawrence um 16:27:


Please strip the quotes. No need to send all the previous mail text with
each new mail.
> To see if sendamil is configured properly, I ran these 2 commands 
> is this ok? 

Both commands can't show you all aspects of a well configured Sendmail

> 10:24 AM[jim jimsdesktop ~]$ cat /etc/mail/local-host-names
> localhost
> localhost.localdomain
> fedorajim.homelinux.com

The first two are not necessary as they are anyway part of class {w}.

> 10:24 AM[jim jimsdesktop ~]$ cat /etc/mail/access
> # Check the /usr/share/doc/sendmail/README.cf file for a description
> # of the format of this file. (search for access_db in that file)
> # The /usr/share/doc/sendmail/README.cf is part of the sendmail-doc
> # package.
> #
> # by default we allow relaying from localhost...
> localhost.localdomain           RELAY
> localhost                       RELAY
>                       RELAY

That is default.

> 10:25 AM[jim jimsdesktop ~]$
> I have to beklieve that sendmail is working fine because of the
> ability to send a email from localhost.localdomain

In conjunction with your previous mail: I doubt you can send to any
other host with such a mail address. Nowadays mail hosts should reject
non (public) resolvable domain names.

> Is my assumption correct ?

You will see the results of test mailing in your maillog.

> Jim Lawrence


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