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DNS resolver - speeding it up, newbie question.

Hi all,

I'm VERY new to Linux and need some very simple help here. I have turned on the named service on my linux box (hidden in the loft) that mainly sits there being my DNS server and being the a little file server for my home files that me and my girlfriends pc need acess to (thanks to Samba). 

All the other pc's in the house use it as their DNS server but the initial requests seem a tad slow compared to using my ISP's dns servers. I suspect that I could turn off a lot of the features/files/settings as all I need it to do is resolve  google.co.uk/bbc.co.uk/blah blah blah.co.uk   so on and so forth. I've tried some tutorials but they seem to be aimed at setting us a DNS server in a way that they are the gate wyat to servers and websites in the network that they're in front of (I hope I've explained whatI mean ok). Please DO NOT assume I know where to find these things or how to do it so any advice needs to be letter for letter.

Many thanks ladies and gents.

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