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Re: Yum -clean all........is that a bad thing?

On 4/25/05, Neal Wilkinson <forums lists comcast net> wrote:
> In an effort to keep things neat I noticed this option and ran it. Now
> however when I go to get and update then I get the message (No Packages
> marked for Update/Obsoletion). Up2date says there are 4 available. I
> normally check for updates with it and then apply them with yum. So have
> I screwed up what Yum knows about the system by doing a -clean all? If
> so how do I repair it?

It sounds like you have only run into a timing issue. When Up2date
says that there are new packages available, it is checking one master
repository. However, if your YUM is configured to use mirror sites,
and those sites have not synchronized with the master repository yet,
you will get a message stating that no packages are available for
update or obsoletion.

The fact that you are getting this message after you did a "yum clean
all" is probably just a matter of coincidence. I would suggest waiting
a little while and then doing a "yum update" again to see the results.
Each time you use yum, it will connect to a random mirror, and if the
mirror you connected to is not updated yet, you will not see packages
to update.


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