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Re: rebooting a remote FC3 system

when i remotely reboot a FC3 system from a ssh term/window, the remote FC3
system seems to have issues reconnecting to the network. i can go to the
remote/FC3 system, login, and try to ping the world, and i get "Network is
Unreachable". I can physically, hit the reboot switch, and the FC3 system
comes up with no problems, and i can ping at will.

this presents a problem as i have no way of remotely shutting the FC3 system
down/up right now. searching google doesn't give any good pointers as to how
this issue can be resolved.

Are you sure it shut down to begin with?
What does uptime say after you think its been shutdown?

Maybe you are on your way down which may kill your networking, but then it doesn't complete the shutdown.

This sounds like a hardware problem. I've seen this before - a card doesn't actually turn off unless the power is removed. So it's in some sort of weird hung state after a soft boot.

Can you replace the NIC and see if that fixes it? If it does, you should really file a bug on the NIC that isn't resetting properly.


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