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Re: can I use yum to download to a holding place and then update other machines with the dl files

Charles Li wrote:

I would like to know if I can configure yum to
download updated to holding area and update other PCs
with the downloaded files? I have 3 PCs and they all have the save software. Since 2 of them are at home, without highspeed
connection, that would save me time.

So, this is what I want to do:
- use yum to download to a holding directory
- use yum to update PCs from holding directory

Is this possible?  If yes, how do I configure Yum to
do it?

Charles Li

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yes it is possible, I am doing it at home now ;

1. Use wget with the options -nd --mirror to download.;
Using one machine to download and keep adding newly developed update rpm packages (Keep coming out every week sometime in 2 days) into a local folder, this folder is the master folder holding all the update rpm packages for any and other machines, except first time doing a full download, after that every time new update are available, wget will only download those you still don't have in your master folder. For detail use of wget, use google and enter the key word "wget manual" and you will find it and look through it.

2. Use yum to update the system with the master folder that holding all the update rpm packages downloaded.
You will find the how-To in Fedoranews.org "How to build a custom Yum Repository in FC3" by Richard flude under Contributing Articles from Fedora Community,
Yum will use your downloaded update rpm packages in automatic processing (It is good even at the first time you do the update with more than 700 rpm packages, that will take more than an hour, if you do it with up2date via Internet - I would imagin will take more than half date to complete per machine!).

3. Update the other machine with the downloaded update rpm packages;
You have at lease 3 options;

Burn those update rpm packages into cds and use these cds to update other machine as step 2 , but you have to keep adding new update rpm packages into it soon as new ones are available.

Use rsync to synchronize other machine in a lan with the master fold which holding all the update rpm packages, this is what I am doing since I must do multiple backup data into other machine - a simple script will do . Except the first time doing a full sychronization (full back up actually), every next time will only synchronize the newly added packages. This is what I am doing as my update to all other machine with download rpm packages.

Or you can use yum in a machine which needs update, and point to the machine (In same lan) where the folder is holding all latest update rpm, I haven't tried it, but I am sure this is workable.
Hope above will help.

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