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Re: Clock/Time issues

On 4/25/05, Charles Malespin <charles malespin gmail com> wrote:
> I forgot to mention that I am running a dual boot with XP on the other
> side.  Does this mean that I cant use the UTC option?  Is there
> something else that I can do since I am using XP?  Thanks,
> Charles

Yes, even Win XP can't deal with timezones very intelligently.
All Windows OS's expect the hardware clock to be running in
local time; and Windows will periodically reset the hardware
clock whenever it feels that daylight savings has come or
gone.  [An OS should never change the hardware clock to
deal with daylight savings, but alas that's what it does].

So to co-exist with Windows, you can not have your hw clock
in UTC.  You have to tell Linux that the clock is in local time.
This is usually "bad practice", but necessary to work with

Be sure the "system clock uses UTC" option is unchecked in
the GUI (or alternatively that the UTC=false is in the file
/etc/sysconfig/clock).   I'd set to false...boot into XP and set
the clock, then boot back into Linux and check that the
reported time is correct.

Note that if your local time has daylight savings, you'll want to
boot XP at least twice a year..when daylight changes.

Deron Meranda

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