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Re: Can't make wireless conection to internet

On Sunday 24 April 2005 10:41 pm, James W Eanes Jr. wrote:

I have a HP ZV5255USlaptop running Windows XP Pro and Fedora Core 3
X86-64. I can connect and use the internet with windows  but not under
Fedora. I used NdisWrapper to get the broadcom chip to work. I can get a
conection to the network. When I try to ping anything on the internet
DNS will resolve the address but then I get 100% packet loss. Using
wavemon it shows alot of activity but I get nothing. I have tried
disabling the firewall but no change. I don't understand what's stopping
the conection.

What's your default route look like?
netstat -rn

It sounds like you don't have a default route set.

I've been using Linux for a few years but this is beyond anything I've learned. The network I'm trying to conect to is at my work. I have very incompleat knowlage of the network. I did try intering a route in the route tab of wireless device configuration. I set destination network and gateway to the gateway address I found on the windows machine and the net mask to . I could run a traceroute on windows but what would I use for to use for destination network? Any other sujestions?

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