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Re: general rules for partitioning

On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 12:19:37PM +0900, Joel wrote:
> I'm exploring Fedora Core while using it as a workstation, so I have
> lots of optional stuff loaded. As a result, I find 8GB for /usr is just
> barely enough. I tend to install things that are not RPM, and I leave
> source lying around sometimes, so I give /usr/local 4G or more.

Oh, if you're doing that, you probably want /usr/local separate too, for the
same reason you want /home split off. (In fact, on my own systems, I usually
make /usr/local a symlink to /home/local.) 

> For the various dbs in the system, /var/www, etc., 2GB for /var is also
> just barely enough. In fact, I like to have at least 1GB for /var/tmp,
> separately.

Sure -- if you've got that stuff, you're not a typical desktop system. (And
this is why there's /srv, by the way. /var/www is icky.)

> A separate partition for /tmp is usefully when something tries to fill
> /tmp, because it does not end up filling / . So I like to give it 1GB.

Careful with that -- you don't want to end up with files from the boot
process covered up in the /tmp mountpoint....

> Speaking of / , I have been giving it a full 1GB. That's convenient for
> updating the kernel and leaving an old kernel or two behind.

An old kernel or twenty. :)

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