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Re: Printing to a network print server

--On 25. april 2005 17:49 +0200 Sasa Stupar <sasa stupar homelinux net> wrote:

--On 25. april 2005 15:23 +0200 Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists uni-x org>

Am Mo, den 25.04.2005 schrieb Sasa Stupar um 10:43:

> I have a network print server LevelOne FPS-3001TXU on my LAN side for
> clients. All windows clients are printing without any problems thru
> IPP(winxp with firewall enabled) BUT all linux (FC3) clients with
> firewall enabled are unable to use it. I have setup for LPD (tried
> also with IPP) use and even opened port tcp 515 (LPD) and 631 (IPP) on
> firewall in both directions but I still can't print. However if I
> disable firewall then I can print.
> What am I missing in firewall config?


> Sasa


We haven't seen you iptables configuration which you think of should work.



Here it is - attached.


Finnaly it is working. I have setup firewall with Shorewall and now I can print to printserver.


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