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Fedora Core brevity vs server upgrades

hi y'all

Oh I know some people might say you have no business running servers on
Fedora because the Cores are so short lived and yes, it's not an ideal
position but sometimes you have to just grin and bear it. ...hard to
beat for the money huh?

Well, I would like some views on this, if you just want to say don't run
fc then please just don't respond k? What we have here is a new core
coming out bout every six months and then probably a year and it's in
legacy. This seems to be the pattern. Now then you experienced hands
w/this have seen what happens as soon as it is released from testing. I
have not that much experience there. 

I saw remarks by Alexander Dalloz and others whom I respect all greatly.
They seemed to instill in me that just because the core is released does
not mean that there are above avg problems w/it right then. The main
public (not just the testers) get a hold of it and bugzilla gets it's
share of activity. Given all this, when you think is ideal time to
upgrade??? Do it right away...wait a couple months...when??? 

I don't have a bench test machine anymore...and I have 3 fedora boxes 2
servers synced together backing each others availability, and another
box also running fc3 that mainly holds backups for the 3 fedora boxes
and 2 windows and also will be the box I want to settle in as my pc,
for doing dev. work and what not.

thx for listening

john rose

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