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Re: Fedora Core brevity vs server upgrades

rado wrote:
hi y'all

Oh I know some people might say you have no business running servers on
Fedora because the Cores are so short lived and yes, it's not an ideal
position but sometimes you have to just grin and bear it. ...hard to
beat for the money huh?

I'm running several FC3 machines in production, primarily as MX servers running Sendmail, ClamAV, and SpamAssassin. They're very stable. I'll upgrade them to FC4 about two to three weeks after the first big batch of updates comes out for FC4 stable.

I feel a bit differently about some of our app servers that have more complicated setups, not due to stability but to the fact that we've done a poor job of documenting ongoing changes, so rebuilding them from scratch would be a very unpleasant few days. They'll stay on RHES for now.



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