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Re: Installing Windows after Redhat Linux is installed

On Tue, 26 Apr 2005, Claude Jones wrote:

On Tuesday April 26 2005 1:31 pm, NDUMISO MKHWANAZI wrote:

A computer was donated to my wife's school . It has  Redhat
Linux/Fedora preinstalled . How can you install WindowsXP and
OfficeXP,on the computer  as this is what the kids are already familiar
with ?


Since you are in Zambia, and may have financial constraints regarding purchase

.za is south africa not zambia which is .zm and he's from kawazulu-natal which depending on what you're interested in is either the zulu homeland or the place where all the pineapples in south africa come from. zambia is a little further north.

of software, have you considered sticking with Linux? There is a huge library
of free software available for Linux on the internet that is constantly
growing. As others have pointed out, you can just install a Windows disk and
it will gladly wipe out your Linux installation and replace it, but you might
wish you'd done otherwise, down the road. Kids are pretty smart, and they'll
have no problem learning Linux. And with Linux, they will be able to grow
their skills without financial constraints.

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