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Re: Fedora Core brevity vs server upgrades

> rado wrote:
> > Oh I know some people might say you have no business running servers on
> > Fedora because the Cores are so short lived and yes, it's not an ideal
> > position but sometimes you have to just grin and bear it. ...hard to
> > beat for the money huh?

hi Steve, thx for this
> I'm running several FC3 machines in production, primarily as MX servers 
> running Sendmail, ClamAV, and SpamAssassin.  They're very  stable.  I'll 
> upgrade them to FC4 about two to three weeks after the first big batch 
> of updates comes out for FC4 stable.
ummmm, right now, I'm trying to set up remote users w/sendmail and
problems...I'll do another msg for this tho.
> I feel a bit differently about some of our app servers that have more 
> complicated setups, not due to stability but to the fact that we've done 
> a poor job of documenting ongoing changes, so rebuilding them from 
> scratch would be a very unpleasant few days. They'll stay on RHES for now.
> -- 
>     Steve
kk... let's go back to when fc3 came out...early last NOV...we dloaded
it from the mirrors and a ton of upgrades. Now then, say we were to
dload fc3 from the mirrors today...well, are the iso files updated @ the


John Rose

rado <rado rivers-bend com>

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