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Re: Installing Windows after Redhat Linux is installed

Actually I have found a few things that I haven't seen in ms office.  For example, in the Writer app there is a 'export to pdf' feature that I now use quite a bit.  I am sure there is a way to do this proprietarily, but I am glad to get in the habit of using OO.o's features and not having to worry about paying for stuff like that, downloading some plugin with limited functionality, or (worse) buying Adobe software outright. 

As far as the spreadsheet goes, I have yet to see any features that are missing, although I haven't used it enough to see a lot of the finer features of it.  I would also be interested to know what is missing for you in the spreadsheet program. 


On 4/27/05, hackmiester <hackmiester gmail com> wrote:
Same here; I've totally switched over to OO.o, and I am extremely satisfied
with its spreadsheet... What do you not like?
David Curry wrote:
> William M. Quarles wrote:
>> Marc M wrote:
>>> The smartest way, is just to go ahead and load windows first, if you
>>> really really really need it.  Save some space on the hard drive,
>>> say at least 10G would be nice.  Then the redhat installer will
>>> play nice with windoze.
>>> Otherwise if you load linux first, windows tries to be a bully and
>>> erase everything, still symptomatic of a 'everything is windows'
>>> mentality that permeates a company with an address of One Microsoft
>>> Way.  Hopefully that will change in the future and the windows
>>> installer will start living in the 21st century.
>>> By the way there is nothing that windows can do that linux can't do,
>>> you can download open office from the website openoffice.org
>>> <http://openoffice.org>, and get a full featured office suite that
>>> is top notch.
>>> Marc
>> Last time I checked OpenOffice was lacking a lot of useful features
>> in the spreadsheet program that Excel has.  I would hardly call the
>> spreadsheet program "top notch."
> Would you care to elaborate a bit on "lacking a lot of useful features
> in the spreadsheet program"?  I would be interested in what some of
> those features are.

This is a test of the Really Sucky Email Client system. Again, this is
only a test. (Outlook is the only client that will sync with my Palm...)

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