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Re: Installing Windows after Redhat Linux is installed

Jim Cornette wrote:


A computer was donated to my wife's school . It has  Redhat
Linux/Fedora preinstalled . How can you install WindowsXP and
OfficeXP,on the computer  as this is what the kids are already familiar
with ?



Young people catch on naturally to new things. Their minds are more apt to learnig new things. It would be a shame to have to put $300 USD to buy the OS and $600 more to buy office.

I was amazed as to how quickly young people navigated around the GNOME desktop.

Let them learn on Linux. Save money and put into education instead of monopolistic entities.

Yea, my 8 year old has no problem working between OS's and using OOo. Heck, she has even done some things that I didn't even know about. Kids are great testers. :)

If you do use MS products, you could end up like a school system in Oregon that was audited by MS for software. It cost them a fortune.


And we all know that schools have more money than they know what to do with.

Robin Laing

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