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Re: Samba Problem - connection to win2k shares dies when win2k reboots

Chris Jones wrote:

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I am having a problem with my Samba connection to my Win2k box. When I
have to reboot the win2k box (frequently, because of M$ security
patches, and for application updates that don't know how to avoid the
reboot problem), my FC3 box suddenly loses connection to the win2k box.
The Win2k box can see the FC3 box happily both before and after the reboot.

To correct the problem I am having to umount each win2k share and
smbmount the share. However, one mount is stubbornly refusing to either
umount or smbumount. The response to the umount command is:

umount: /export/gandalfe: device is busy
umount: /export/gandalfe: device is busy

and then the smbmount command gives the following response:

Could not resolve mount point /export/gandalfe

Can anyone point me in the right direction to overcome this problem? Also, I would appreciate some feedback as to how to prevent the reboot of winblows causing the disconnection. Can FC3 detect the disconnection and attempt to reinstate the connections?

I have the same problem with Windows XP. It's particularly annoying that there doesn't seem to be any logic to explain why one share refuses to be umounted. As far as I can tell (OK, that's not all that far) there are no running processes which access the hanging share.
Gordon Keehn

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