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Re: Options to get Flash for AMD X86_64

On 4/27/05, Michael D. Setzer II <mikes kuentos guam net> wrote:
> I just got a new AMD 64 bit machine, and installed the FC3 64bit to
> show my students that advantages. The machine is very fast, and
> the only problem I've run into is that some web pages we access
> have flash, and currently the macromedia site says it isn't
> supported.
> Is there a Flash that works with the 64bit version? I've found
> something about installing a 32bit version of firefox to use with flash
> pages, but would like to have as much 64bit running on the system.
> Thanks.

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, for now your only option is to install a 32-bit browser
as you have said.  Maybe Macromedia will eventually get smart and
update their player to 64-bit, but until then if you want Flash, then
you need a 32-bit browser.  Now, you can install the 64-bit Mozilla
and 32-bit Firefox (or vice versa) and use the 32-bit one when you
need Flash or Java or another 32-bit only plugin, and use the 64-bit
one any other time.  Also, you might be able to install both versions
of Firefox, but not by using the RPM packages.  I haven't tried this,
but it might be possible to get use the installer from Mozilla to
install the 32-bit version somewhere else.  I know it's not ideal, but
that is the great flexibility of the AMD64 architecture, which is
something else to show your students :).


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