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Re: chgrp device problem

On Wednesday, Apr 27th 2005 at 19:49 -0000, quoth Bryan Harvey:

=>When I try and change the group of my cd-writer and dvd-writer drives and
=>reboot, they are changed back.
=>They are currently set up in the group 'disk', but I want them to be set up as
=>'cdrom' so I can allow other users permissions to the drives.
=>Why does the groups keep changing after rebooting, and is there a way to fix
=>Thanks In Advance
=>I'm running FC3 and my fstab entry for the two cdrom drives looks like this:
=>/dev/hdd                /media/cdrecorder       auto
=>ro,noauto,nosuid,users,exec 0 0
=>/dev/hdc                /media/cdrecorder1     auto
=>ro,noauto,nosuid,users,exec 0 0

Create the following file:

/etc/udev/permissions.d/10-local.permissions with this content:


For more info, look at this site:


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