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Re: how do I set 'home' for root

On Wednesday April 27 2005 4:26 pm, Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Check /etc/password to contain following line for root:
> root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash
> Check too your /root/.bash_profile and /root/.bashrc files.

Yes, that fixed it. My entry was truncated, like this:

Now, I wonder how this happenned? What could cause such a thing? I realize I 
was the cause, but I'd like to figure out what specific action I took, that 
triggered the event. 

Also, I took a look at the two files but I can't interpret them - I'm reading 
man Bash now, but, any suggestions on what I should be looking for? Here's 
what they look like:

# .bash_profile
# Get the aliases and functions
if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
	. ~/.bashrc
# User specific environment and startup programs
export PATH

# .bashrc
# User specific aliases and functions
alias rm='rm -i'
alias cp='cp -i'
alias mv='mv -i'
# Source global definitions
if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then
	. /etc/bashrc

Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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