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Re: brute force ssh attack

On Wednesday 27 April 2005 11:56 am, Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote
> > Is anyone interested in log-files or in the programs
> > which the hackers installed under daikanyama?
> I don't see why.  In most probability, they installed some robots that
> can be controlled from IRC, that would enable them to perform DDoS using
> your machine (and dozens or hundreds of other machines).
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When I installed linux 7.3 on my first internet machine, I visited a Brazilian 
black hat site and was hacked before the page was fully loaded.  I shut down 
reformatted using msdos then linux and reloaded. Most viruses and trojans 
only work on a single O.S.

I suggest you do the same (reformat and reload).

Don't play with a corrupted machine, there are those who crack computers that 
are better then most expreianced Sys Ads and Sys security people.  It is a 
constant war.

John H Ludwig

Common sense is so rare, why do they call it common!!!

Manual customization of this file is not recommended, 

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