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Re: Apt-get equivalent in fedora

Matthew Miller wrote:
On Thu, Apr 28, 2005 at 07:07:28AM +0530, Deboo Geek wrote:

Is there any fedora equivalent to debian's apt-get? I see up2date is
somewhat thatway but needs some registration with Redhat, is this
registration free or do weneed to pay RH for this service?

Well, you could use apt-get itself -- it's available for Fedora. However,
the "standard" program is called "yum", and it's basically equivalent. The
main thing that'll take some getting used to coming from apt-get is that
there's no separate "update" step to get new repository information -- you
just do "yum install somepackage" and it automatically checks the network.

The yum man page has a lot more....

yes...apt-get does "update": "apt-get update" will update the repo information and pull down any new listings it finds on the mirrors. Who told you apt-get doesn't update?

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