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Re: Problem with kudzu and NFS

On Thu, 2005-04-28 at 07:56 +0530, Deboo Geek wrote:
> I had to recompile the kernel for some reasons. Although now the
> kernel works fine otherwise but kudzu gets stuck, NFS also gets stuck
> at startup. I had to manually move the /etc/rc5.d links to the above
> two, to a separate folder. I know how to do this in debian on console,
> but not in fedora. How do I do this in fedora? Is something like
> rcconf or sysv-rcconf available? or update-rc.d command?
> Also, how do I make NFS work again?  It has been compiled in to the
> new kernel alright. I'm able to ping the other machine fine too,
> access the net too.

IMO NFS should not be compiled in the kernel.  It has plenty of support
to run as a service (and has done so for years), and if compiled in will
force a reboot anytime you change the configuration --
change /etc/exports, etc.

We need more detailed information to fix the problem, but I suspect that
if you compiled in some of the things that routinely run as services
(kudzu and nfs are 2 of those) then there will be problems starting the
service if the kernel already has the ports/sockets/functions already

> Deboo

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