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Re: Xine vs. Mplayer

On Wed, 27 Apr 2005 23:36:09 -0500, Charles Malespin wrote
> Hi all, 
>    I am pretty new to FC3 and am have a question about video 
> players.  I am currently using Xine and it works ok, but I cant play 
> wvm videos among other little problems I have with it.  I saw that 
> Mplayer does play wvm videos and I wanna give it a try.  Is one 
> better than the other, or is it just personal pref?  I currently 
> have Firefox using Xine to open video links, how do I go in and make 
> Mplayer my default video viewer(please try and make it as easy as 
> possible for a noob...) and is there anything that I lose by 
> switching to Mplayer?  Do I need to get rid of Xine from my computer,
>  and if so how(again simple please, I am having trouble locating 
> files and which files are what still..)? Thanks in advance! Charles

If you go here..

And download the 'ALL' file (All codecs which is around 12MB's) and extract 
it to the /usr/lib/win32 (Or the README say's /usr/local/lib/win32)
directory, then Xine will play *.wvm files and many other formats. Once you 
have done that it will pretty much play them all.

The README will explain a little more as to where to put these codec files. 
I found that once you have done this Xine works very well. (I know these 
were intended for Mplayer, but they work equally well with Xine)

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