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Re: Apt-get equivalent in fedora

Chris Jones wrote:

Strange. up2date isn't able to connect to the rhn website, and when I
go the the website myself, I see there a login page but anyway I'll
try yum or would install apt-get

I recommend you ditch up2date and switch to another tool such as yum or apt-get (if you want guis, these are also available such as kyum for yum and synaptic for apt-get.). Up2date has always proved rather unreliable for me.

The only reason why I would want a GUI is to aid in browsing available packages. For simple updates to existing packages, I don't need a GUI. I just type "yum -y update" (as a SUperuser, of course) and if it can find packages to update, it does its job, and a lot more smoothly than up2date ever did. (It also shows me what it's doing while it does it.)

But when I want to know what packages are available, I have a problem. If I list them in a terminal window, the list will shoot off the scale--and backward scrolling of a terminal window sometimes doesn't work right. (Is that an X issue, or something else I can fix?) The GUI would at least let me browse a list, look at its description, and decide whether to take it or not. That's why I liked synaptic so much--before the new apt package on at-stable broke it. (Axel has a fix, I understand, but at last report it's in "bleeding.")

Is kyum the GUI for KDE? What GUI's are available for yum in Gnome?


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