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Re: Xine vs. Mplayer

Antonio Olivares wrote:
--- Charles Malespin <charles malespin gmail com>

Hi all, I am pretty new to FC3 and am have a question
about video players. I
am currently using Xine and it works ok, but I cant
play wvm videos
among other little problems I have with it. I saw
that Mplayer does
play wvm videos and I wanna give it a try. Is one
better than the
other, or is it just personal pref? I currently
have Firefox using Xine
to open video links, how do I go in and make Mplayer
my default video
viewer(please try and make it as easy as possible
for a noob...) and is
there anything that I lose by switching to Mplayer? Do I need to get
rid of Xine from my computer, and if so how(again
simple please, I am
having trouble locating files and which files are
what still..)?
Thanks in advance!

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   I think it is a matter of preference.  I use both
players as I like them both very much.  If you want
menus on your dvd's go with xine.  If you don't care
Mplayer plays dvd's with dvd://1.  If you can't play
the wmv files, go to
and download the w32codecs rpm and install it.  It
should fix your problem.  If you would like to try
Mplayer, go right ahead it is great also.



gmplayer gives you graphical point and click.

I use both. There are the odd files that xine will play that mplayer won't and vice-versa.

Robin Laing

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