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Re: Printer Issue...

Kevin wrote:
Well it deals with an HP DeskJet 842C USB printer. I am running 1.8GHz
Athlon XP with 700+ Megs of RAM. I'm using the newest kernel
(non-development). I turned it off while the computer was on one day
and ever since then it hasn't worked. I have tried to add a printer
(through the Gnome interface) and it doesn't seem to be working. If I
turn the printer off and on i can rescan and see the printer... but as
soon as I add to and apply changes, the printer doesn't want to print
and is GONE the next time i scan my printer ports. I'm clueless.

Restart the printer services and cups. Also check the HP servers if you have them running. I was in a rush when I had this problem so it was a more do something until it works than a set out procedure.

My printer has an HP service running.

I came across the same problem with my HP USB printer.

Robin Laing

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