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Re: Install FC3 on SATA (ASRock P4V88 - Chipset VIA 8237)

Mayuresh Manohar Patole (mayuresh) wrote:

will u pls tell me How u installed FC3 on SATA harddisk

s0undt3ch wrote:
Forguet about this thread, it can be deleted!!!

FC3 installed fine on my system.
FC3 complained about bad fat on sda, and I was seeing hda(my XP) that can't be deleted for now!!!

Go figure, so Stupid!!!!

Anyway thanks!

Don't know about FC3, but the first Fedora release you needed to format your SATA drive first before Fedora would recognize it. Since I was, and still am, running a dual boot Linux/Win2k machine, it was no problem to format it using Windows back then, which the gentleman you are replying to apparently has done, as he appears to be replacing or trying to replace WinXP with Linux. You may need to use something else to format it if you don't have access to a Win box to do it with. There are a variety of tools out there to do that. How many are free I don't know.


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