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RE: trying to setup for a remote installation


in order to do a remote FC3 installation, using vnc, it appears that i need
to create a floppy bootdisk, copy a kickstart file to it, place the FC3 ISOs
on a HTTP server, and add the required VNC commands to the bootloader of the
kickstart file.

is this anywhere close to being correct...

1) create the floppy bootdisk
  (use rawwrite, and copy the boot.img file to the a: floppy)

2) edit the ks.cfg (kickstart file) with the correct parameters

3) copy this file to the top/root of the floppy drive..

4) copy the FC3 ISO files to the correct location of the http server
   (http:/foo.com/FC3/) the FC3 dir contains the FC3 ISO files... i assume
    i should allow the files/index to be displayed from the browser...

5) within the ks.cfg file, i have a line for the 'bootloader'
    bootloader --location=mbr --append="fff"  <<<<<<<<<<<
   (should i add the 'vnc' information here, to initiate the vnc connection
    on the client server...

   remember, i want to use vnc on my server to graphically install FC3 on
   remote server...

6) or, should i modify the existing/targeted server's grub file, and add the
   VNC attributes to the end of the
    'kernel /vmlinuz...   ' vnc vncconnect=

am i getting close to understanding what has to be done....

also, if i wanted to simply do all this remotely, and have the kickstart
(ks.cfg) file on the targeted harddrive, where would i copy it, and how
would i know what to use as the device 'linux=hd:<device>:file'? would i get
the device by doing a 'df' to see what the device names are, using the
actual device name, and not the mounted name....

bedouglas earthlink net

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Subject: trying to setup for a remote installation


new to setting up kickstart for remote installation.

here's what i'd like to do. i'd like to be able to remotely access a server,
and use VNC to graphically go through the fedora installation process. the
server currently has RH8 on it.

as we understand it, you can place the FC3 isos on a HD on another system,
and access the isos via the kickstart file. however, our questions have to
do with how/what to do to implement what we're trying to do.

so.. our questions...

-can we do what we want to do, allowing us to use VNC
-can the kickstart file be created, and placed on the targeted system's HD.
-if the kickstart file can be placed on the targeted system's HD, where
 it go?? (what dir should it be placed in...)
-would the targeted kickstart file have the VNC 'hooks' in the kickstart
-would this allow us to use VNC to then graphically install FC3 on the
targeted system

any help/ideas/opinions/comments would be helpful...

we don't want to somehow screw this up!!

bedouglas earthlink net

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