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Re: Apache now stops running -- eAccelerator conflicts w/MMcache!?!?

Am Fr, den 29.04.2005 schrieb Daniel B. Thurman um 1:43:

> What does "Top-Post" mean?  Sorry -- but I am a dimwit willing to learn :-)
> Dan

To top-post means to place the reply above the previous and quoted
message text.


It just makes it more difficult to have a good communication in mailing
list threads than necessary. Unfortunately it is most often combined
with not stripping the quoted text. There have been long discussions on
this list about this topic.

It is ok that you ask :) Here is a link with some guidelines for posting
on this list:


Heads up - this list has a high volume, but I think you will appreciate
the amount of feedback you get when having a problem or a question.


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