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Re: RHEL Licensing question

On Friday 29 April 2005 04:06, Net Hub wrote:
> On 4/28/05, Johannes Findeisen <mailman hanez org> wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > i have a problem on finding the licensing information for the Red Hat
> > Enterprise Linux Software. Is this software free? Okay, i know the
> > packages must be free but are there Tools in the package that aren't
> > free?
> >
> > Or could i download the _30_day_trial_, install it on a customers server
> > and let it run for some month? Okay thats a bad idea because i don't will
> > get updates but thats not my question... ;-)
> >
> > I must say, that i am not planning to get as much i can for free, but i
> > really would like to understand... I am using Fedora and Gentoo anyway!
> >
> If you want a free version of RHEL, check out:
> www.centos.org
> www.whiteboxlinux.com
> www.taolinux.org
> I highly recommend CentOS.  We use it on quite a few servers with great
> success.

Okay, but that was not my question. I know CentOS. I just want to know if i 
could take the packages from Red Hat and use them for my customers?

Since i really like Fedora Core and the RHEL - the sceond one espacially in 
commercial envoirenments - i really would like to install an enterprise Linux 
witout to infringe any license.

My customer will then be happy, that he could use an enterprise Linux 
operation system _for_free_. And after some time he maybe needs enterprise 
support and could easy buy a license at RedHat, use the support and finally 
update the system when he wants. Or maybe i will do the updates and could 
earn some money too... ;-)

I think this is a good way to make them an easy decission in the future.


Johannes Findeisen

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