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Re: RHEL Licensing question

On Friday 29 April 2005 04:44, Deron Meranda wrote:
> Also, paying for RHEL does get you one intangible benifit too.  It keeps
> Red Hat funded, which despite your distro or anti-corporate biases, RH
> does directly fund and/or provide the people that actually do a lot of the
> really hard coding in Linux systems....kernel and elsewhere...which helps
> ALL distros and keeps Linux moving forward.

Hello Deron,

thanks for reply. Exactly what i'm thinking. Especially because i'm by myself 
not are earning money with software but with it-services, i really would like 
to support companies which are providing very, very great things to the 
community. I am using Linux on my private desktop and everything i am coding 
or fixing or what else i provide to the community in some way. So why not 
make my customers pay for using the software created by you, me and many 

If the problem for me will be the binaries and the logos i will not install 
RHEL. I will simply installl Fedora Core and they will be happy too. I have 
some mashines running and everything is fine. I only wanted to have asked 
before i make my decission.

This thread was exactly to find out other peoples(from the community) 
opionions about that. Thanks!

Johannes Findeisen

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