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Re: RHEL Licensing question

On Fri, 2005-04-29 at 04:02 +0200, Johannes Findeisen wrote:
Hello all,

i have a problem on finding the licensing information for the Red Hat 
Enterprise Linux Software. Is this software free? Okay, i know the packages 
must be free but are there Tools in the package that aren't free?

Or could i download the _30_day_trial_, install it on a customers server and 
let it run for some month? Okay thats a bad idea because i don't will get 
updates but thats not my question... ;-)

I must say, that i am not planning to get as much i can for free, but i really 
would like to understand... I am using Fedora and Gentoo anyway!

Johannes Findeisen

Well... Most of it is free. You can do anything listed in the GPL with the GPL packages. Be aware of the fact that the packages which contain the redhat logos are NOT that free. Those are registered trademarks. Those are the only reason to my knowledge because of which binary RHEL cannot be redistributed on the internet legaly.
CentOS and others are, theoreticaly, simple recompiles of RHEL with the logos and other TM-ed stuff changed. They should be almost 100% compatible with RHEL.


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