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clamav and spamassassin

hi ankush,
                       I recently configured Mail server and Samba
server on FC3 for my
       company.Both the servers are on the same machine.I have few questions.
       a) I have installed clamav and when i run freshclam from the command
       prompt it updates itself the cron is automatically set when I
       installed it.Now the question is how I can know the date of the update
       means in Windows you can see the virus definitions date on the
      Antivirus ,I want to see the same date on the clamav so that I should
      be able to know whether the clamav is getting updated or not and If it
      is not getting updated i should run the freshclam once a weekly
      ans.      u can check the logs and all the information is
present there. Be careful i am talking about freshclam logs because it
is used to update virus defination files.
  b) How do I know whether the clamav is working properly or not.
      ans. through logs..........and through mail headers. the scan
result clean or infected is written there........
      c) As mentioned before clamav is installed on a system running as Mail
      and Samba server.If there is any windows/linux virus/worm on the
      machine will the Clamav will clean itself or i have to run the clamav
      for deletion of those infected files.Does clamav runs automatically
      once a week for scanning of the system if not I would like to
      configure clamav for that .Please tell me which clamav file to set for
      cron and also how to make the clamav do like first cleaning of
      infected  files and if the cleaning of the infected files is not
      possible then deleting it.This type of action can be set in
      Antiviruses in Windows.
      ans. if u have integrated clamav to run with sendmail........a
line has to written in sendmail, then it will automatically scan all
the mails for all types of worms which are coming on port 25 or
handled by sendmail.
      d) I want to configure spam assassin As spam assassin is installed and
      running I want to configure for few lists .Please tell me any
      tutorials or the configuration for spam assassin.

ans. As far as i know i don't think that it can be done only for few
lists........correct me if i am wrong..........



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