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Re: clamav and spamassassin


Thanks for the earlier reply.

>   b) How do I know whether the clamav is working properly or not.
>       ans. through logs..........and through mail headers. the scan
> result clean or infected is written there........

I checked the logs but i don't see anything regarding the clamav .Like
the mail is virus free or is scanned by clamav nothing like that 
neither in logs nor in mail headers.
>       c) As mentioned before clamav is installed on a system running as Mail
>       and Samba server.If there is any windows/linux virus/worm on the
>       machine will the Clamav will clean itself or i have to run the clamav
>       for deletion of those infected files.Does clamav runs automatically
>       once a week for scanning of the system if not I would like to
>       configure clamav for that .Please tell me which clamav file to set for
>       cron and also how to make the clamav do like first cleaning of
>       infected  files and if the cleaning of the infected files is not
>       possible then deleting it.This type of action can be set in
>       Antiviruses in Windows.
>       ans. if u have integrated clamav to run with sendmail........a
> line has to written in sendmail, then it will automatically scan all
> the mails for all types of worms which are coming on port 25 or
> handled by sendmail.

I am using postfix and I want clamav to scan every file going through
Postfix.How do I configure clamav to check all the mails .Moreover
what about the samba shares I want clamav to scan those shares atleast
once in a week .

Thanks & Regards


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